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Catastrophic Accidents in Hawai'i

William Lawson, a Hawaii Wrongful Death Lawyer, also provides free consultations to evaluate catastrophic injury cases. Most catastrophic injury cases are also handled by William H. Lawson on a contingency fee, so "No recovery--No fee." This means that if Mr. Lawson, an experienced Hawaii injury attorney , agrees to handle your case on a contingency fee, there will be no attorneys' fees charged unless we win.

After a catastrophic accident it is usually very important
magnifying glass
(from the point of view of making a claim) to preserve whatever evidence is available regarding the accident. This usually involves keeping, saving, storing and preserving whatever evidence it is possible to obtain and photographing and/or videotaping all evidence that may for some reason be perishable or subject to change. It also involves locating and interviewing witnesses to the accident and others who may be familiar with the conditions which gave rise to the accident before memories fade or other reasons intervene to prevent the collection of this information. To examine these issues more closely, please visit the following page:

Inital Steps in Making Your Claim

Please contact William H. Lawson, Esq. here or through the website Accident Lawyer Hawaii for a free initial consultation about your catastrophic injury case.




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The Hawaii Supreme Court recently upped the stakes for individuals knowingly participating in fraudulent transfers designed to leave the claims of creditors unsatisfied. In the case of Kekona v Borneman, Sup. Ct. No 29036, (Hawaii Civil No. 93-3974, April 24, 2015), the HSCt affirmed a civil judgment which awarded in excess of $250,000 in compensatory damages and in excess of $1,600,000 in punitive damages against a third party who willingly received real property from a debtor who was trying to defraud her creditors. The court considered (1) the expenses and delays of the litigation, (2) the level of the misconduct of the third party and (3) the third party's net worth in upholding the punitive damages award of over 6 times the compensatory damages. (The standard of proof required was 'clear and convincing evidence').

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