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Finding and Choosing a Wrongful Death Lawyer

If someone you love has been killed in an accident you probably should seek the advice of an experienced wrongful death lawyer right away! Following a fatal accident the impact on the family may be dramatic. Choosing an experienced and successful personal injury lawyer is an important decision, as it can make the difference between a successful outcome and an unsuccessful outcome. This information is provided to give you some helpful hints on choosing the wrongful death lawyer that is right for you.

What to avoid when you need to hire a wrongful death lawyer:

Many people do not know where to find a skilled and qualified attorney who can aggressively represent their case. The following are some common mistakes that people make when choosing their attorney:
  • Lawyer referral from a friend: People often have different legal situations from one another, requiring different attributes in an attorney, so a friend's lawyer may not be what you need to recover monetary compensation for your injuries.
  • Finding a Wrongful Death Lawyer in the yellow-pages: Yellow pages are impersonal and do not give you the background information that you need to hire a competent personal injury lawyer.
  • Choosing an injury lawyer because the office is local: Convenience should not be more significant than skill, professionalism, compassion, and the ability to effectively represent your case. You should find an attorney who has all of the qualities that are needed for a successful outcome in your case.
  • Choosing an inexperienced wrongful death lawyer: Your attorney should be up to date with current laws and cases regarding all areas of accident law. Your lawyer should have the knowledge to answer questions quickly and effortlessly.

How to Find and Choose the Right wrongful death lawyer

When you are involved in legal matters arising from a serious accident, you should hire an experienced attorney that you feel meets your needs. The personal injury lawyer that you choose should be a person that is experienced and that you feel comfortable with. Remember that you and your personal injury lawyer will be spending a great deal of time together, so compatibility is essential. The following are some characteristics that you should look for when choosing a Wrongful Death Lawyer:
  • Choose a lawyer who has experience in accident law.
  • Choose an attorney that has successful case results.
  • Choose a lawyer that has positive testimonials from previous clients.
  • Choose an attorney who has the time and resources to represent you on your personal injury claim.
  • Choose a lawyer who takes continuing education classes.
  • Choose an attorney who provides aggressive representation.
  • Choose a lawyer who will meet with you personally for the initial consultation.
  • Choose an attorney with reasonable fees.
  • Choose a lawyer that you are confident will represent your case with the skills necessary, and encompasses all of the characteristics that you think are important in an injury lawyer.

10 Questions to Ask a Wrongful Death Lawyer BEFORE Choosing

When you are choosing a Wrongful Death Lawyer you may ask him or her case-related questions that will help you decide if they are the right attorney for you. He or she should be willing and able to answer your questions and inform you of any pertinent issues that may help your case.
  • Does the attorney practice personal injury law? If so, what part of their practice does it make up?
  • Does the lawyer have experience successfully representing cases that are similar to my case?
  • How long has the attorney been practicing accident law?
  • Is the lawyer associated with any reputable law associations?
  • Has the attorney successfully settled many cases on behalf of his or her clients?
  • Do former clients have positive statements to make in regards to the experience with their lawyer?
  • Does the lawyer provide a free initial consultation?
  • Will the attorney explain the legal process and all aspects of your case to you?
  • Does the lawyer have the time and staff to adequately represent your legal matter?
  • Does the attorney typically represent plaintiffs (injured parties) or defendants (negligent parties)?


If you have suffered serious injuries as the result of an accident, you will want to find and choose a competent, experienced, successful personal injury attorney right away. By careful selection, you will be able to choose the personal injury attorney who is right for you.

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A scene photograph with markings made or authorized by an eyewitness during his or her deposition to show the location of the impact involved in a motor vehicle accident is generally admissible in Hawaii and, even if the eyewitness does not remember the entire layout of the accident scene, the picture's exclusion by a trial court is normally grounds for reversal. See, Samson v. Nahalu, Hawai'i Supreme Court No. SCWC-10-0000102 (December 4, 2015).

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